Transform Your Life With The Aether Device Energy Application
Empower yourself with the quantum energy tool of the future
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The Aether Device is an energy-emitting web application that looks like a futuristic hand-held device with screen, buttons and functions. It allows you to broadcast multiple healing energies in an exciting, easy and creative way, giving you the experience of using an advanced device from sci-fi movies.

  • The Aether Device web application can be installed and used as an app on mobiles, tablets and computers and it can also be used directly in the browser using any web browser on any device. You can install the application on all your devices and on your family's devices;
  • The ↻ button is used to reset the amplification number. The - button is used to decrease the amplification number. The + button is used to increase the amplification number. The ✧ button is used to let the Universe randomly pick energies for you from the list. The RESET button is used to reset all energy-buttons;
  • The app contains a fixed list of 101 different energy-buttons that once enabled (clicked/tapped) they start the broadcasting of beneficial energies (see the list);
  • To enable an energy-button, simply click/tap on it, and if you wish to disable it click/tap on it again;
  • You can enable as many energy-buttons at the same time as you want and enjoy any kind of combination of energies you want (see screenshot);
  • If you enable more than one energy-button, you will see on the screen the word "Combination" and below you will see the name of the last energy-button that was enabled (see screenshot);
  • You can increase the energetic amplification from 1 to 150 (max) and you can keep the - or + buttons pressed to change the amplification faster if you wish;
  • You can minimize the app on your device and you can also use it while you sleep;
  • It's not necessary to look into the app or to think about it in order to receive its energy and you can close the screen of your device if you want;
  • The size of the energy field emitted by the Aether Device app is 29 meters in all directions;
  • The energy emitted by this app neutralizes harmful EMF coming from wifi routers, phones, cell towers, etc.;
  • After installation, the Aether Device app can be used both online and offline (you can use it without an internet connection or mobile data if you wish);
  • The app works both in portrait and landscape mode on mobile devices when they are rotated;
  • You pay only 400 euros once and use the Aether Device energy application for a lifetime and benefit from 101 different healing energies which you can combine however you like;
  • The Aether Device energy application is easy to install and you will be provided with the installation instructions immediately after your purchase.